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    High Availability

Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4) has significantly enhanced and broadened High Availability solutions across the stack.

Oracle Application Server 10g High Availability includes the following features and enhancements for end-to-end high availability:

  • Facilities for Application High Availability:
    • Transparent container-managed session state replication for J2EE applications
    • Java Object Cache available to application developer if more control of replication required
    • TAF: Transparent Application Failover for database connections
  • Middle Tier High Availability:
    • Death detection and restart of failed processes
    • Support for database-managed and manually configured Oracle Application Server clusters
    • Resource provisioning features for Grid Computing
    • Smart load balancing algorithms for optimal resource utilization in a Grid, including:
      • Round robin
      • Random routing
      • Weight-based and metric-based routing
      • Local affinity
  • Infrastructure High Availability:
    • Death Detection and restart of failed processes
    • Cluster-aware installer
    • Cold Failover Clusters:
      • Support for all major cluster vendors
      • Configuration on shared disk
      • Support for virtual IP/hostname on active cluster node
    • Active Failover Clusters:
      • Active/Active mode support
      • Infrastructure software installed on each node accessing shared database
      • Configuration replicated on each node
  • Disaster Recovery:
    • Disaster Recovery support for site-to-site failover
    • Available for both middle tiers and for Infrastructure
    • Uses Oracle Data Guard for Infrastructure database Disaster Recovery
  • Rolling Upgrade:
    • Support for middle tier and Infrastructure rolling upgrade from 9.0.2 to 9.0.4
    • Minimized planned downtime
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